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Cuplok Scaffolding System

SGB Cuplok is a registered trademark of SGB No. 1028553 and is covered by worldwide patents.

Cuplok’s unique locking action makes it the world’s fastest, safest and most economic scaffolding system.

The Cuplok Fastening Method

The success of Cuplok lies in the ‘node point’ or fastening method. Four horizontals can be fastened at one time, making a very rigid connection. The horizontals bear directly on to the verticals and are firmly clamped by the action of the top cup.


DU-AL System

The SGB Du-AL system comprises a range of 2 aluminium beams, all specially computed to give optimum strength with minimum weight. Each beam has been designed to perform a specific function and by combing them, the most economic solution can be provided to cover every application. Other systems where only a single beam section is available result in compromises which will often adversely affect both the material and labour costs. Alternatively, if it is important to standardise on one section only to mininimise stocking problems, the Du-AlT 150 is the most economic and versatile section available.In conjunction with the very extensive choice of accessories, a wide range of work can be undertaken. Du-Al S 150 and T 150 beams are ideal for both wall and soffit formwork.



A product of fine engineering skills, they are manufactured by a modern rapid production system that ensures that they remain the most cost-effective fitting available in the UK. Yet large-scale manufacturing does not imply any reduction in quality, as production line inspection maintains the highest possible quality control to ensure that every fitting performs reliably on site. The materials employed are principally alloy steels to BS 1449, and fittings are fully tested to comply with the Slip and Distortion requirements of BS 1139. SGB Pressed Fittings are also treated to resist corrosion, having a complete zinc coating with chromate passivation to BS 1706. Quality is the keynote of SGB pressed fittings: our reputation rests on every single component, which must perform safely and efficiently on site. Every fitting carries our full guarantee of quality and reliability.

Double Coupler

Double Couplers connect two scaffold tubes at right angles. These are critical components in the scaffold structure and must be load bearing to resist both slip and distortion. The design is based on a strong one piece body with flaps and T-bolts that can be removed for maintenance or replacement.

Swivel Coupler

Swivel couplers connect two scaffold tubes at any angle to provide ledger, facade, or similar bracing. These are also key components in the structure and must also be load bearing.

Wrapover Putlog Coupler

These Pressed Putlog Couplers connect putlog and transom tubes to ledger tubes in the same way as the conventional fitting, the standard Putlog Coupler incorporates two flaps to give a flush top surface to the tube

Sleeve Coupler

Sleeve Couplers join two scaffold tubes externally end to end. A steel divider located centrally ensures equal insertion of each tube

Pressed Joint Pin

The pressed joint Pin provides end-to-end connection of scaffold tubes, and operates by being inserted internally and expands to apply grip against the inner walls of the tubes.The fittings are designed only for compression joints, and should not be used where tension can be developed in the tubes.

Gravlock Girder Couplers

There is often a requirement to fasten scaffold tubes to girders and other steel sections and it demands a specialised fitting with a high degree of versatility. The Gravlock girder Coupler has been specifically designed for attachment to either horizontal or vertical flanges, and will accommodate up to 43mm in depth. Gravlock Couplers must be used in pairs.

DH Putlog /Brace Coupler

This coupler is designed to secure putlogs and transoms to ledgers. This is a particularly strong design and is in fact capable of taking much higher loadings than normal putlog couplers.

Friction Bolt and Nut

A unique device for fixing components to Du-Al beams where a high resistance to sliding is required. Used in pairs, the safe working load in slip is 20kN when the nuts are torqued to a value of 80 Nm.
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SGB’s extensive range of high quality soldiers has evolved as a result of our long working relationship with building and civil engineering contractors and our understanding of specific on site requirements. This unique process has culminated in the development of our latest generation of soldiers, the SGB MK II.

The Mark I has been design engineered to offer you unrivalled advantages.


When the soldiers are combined with the SGB Du-Al aluminium waling beams even greater economies can be made. The greater strength of the DuAl walings allows soldier spacings and tie loads to be optimised.
To this can be added the benefits of long life, light weight, and fast assembly, all combining to give the most versatile system ever for wall formwork. Used with large, high quality sheets of plywood, the SGB MK II Soldier system can satisfy even the most stringent concrete finish specifications whilst keeping deflection to acceptable limits even with the highest concrete pressures.


SGB props, are an economic and popular method of support in the building

industry today. Ideally suited to all kinds of building construction

* Six sizes range from 1.04m to 6.10m.

* Completely adjustable for height.

* Extremely robust, easy to handle, compact to store.

* Quickly and simply erected.

* No loose parts, no tools necessary.

* Headplates suit modern formwork systems for slab construction.

* Sizes 0 to 4 conform fully to BS 4074: 1966